Recognizing and connecting to the unconscious operating systems that are driving our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Once you have this self-awareness, you can come back to it to center yourself.


Opening to new situations where we can use our own strengths and to perspectives and approaches other than our habitual ones. We need to open up to the value of other approaches and perspectives.


Increasing our capacity to connect with others and to relate to the various contexts we are in. This will improve the quality of our relationships, reduce unproductive conflict, and improve teamwork.


Increasing our capacity to sense beyond our blind spots into what is needed and what is emerging. As we expand, our capacities to bring forth what needs to emerge will increase.

How Does the Berens CORE™ Approach Work?

At the center of your core are the essential aspects of hidden and often unclaimed goodness as expressed through talents, deep motivations, drives, and how you naturally think about things. Knowing your constant core will help you better self-manage as well as get yourself out of the way when leading others. It will help you identify talents and core drivers and nurture those talents to fully engage them in yourself. You will. . . .

  • Help yourself (and others) bring all of who you are to the workplace or in your personal life.
  • Have a bigger impact in your own work and your life.
  • Leverage the benefits of conflicting viewpoints and appreciate the diversity in others.
  • Improve your ability to relate to people who are different from you.
  • Recognize and foster talents and core values for more engagement.
  • Discover what stresses you and others and learn what to do about it.

Using the powerful Berens CORE™ lenses of personality you will arrive at a deep understanding of yourself as well as of others. Each of these lenses reveals important information about yourself that you most likely have not had language to express. For some, these aspects have been denied and need to be reclaimed. Either way, it is a joyful, rejuvenating experience to find your CORE self.

The Berens CORE™ Approach includes

  • Ways of explaining the lenses simply so they are easily understood, memorable, and relevant to many situations
  • Practices for increasing self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Practices for building effective and authentic work and personal relationships
  • Holding the lenses lightly so knowledge of them increases development and interpersonal agility
  • Self-discovery rather than dependence on a single data point such as an instrument alone
  • Recognition that our behavior is a reflection of our core self, our current situation and life conditions, as well as where we are in our development

The CORE Approach integrates an understanding of your Essential Motivators with how you are inclined to express that essence through your Interaction Style to arrive at sixteen type patterns. Each of these patterns can then be understood in terms of your habitual Cognitive Dynamics and your Outlook so you get a more complete picture of how you’ve always been, who you are now and where you can develop further. Each aspect can be explored on its own with positive results and the assurance that the other aspects have been accounted for in the facilitation and in the materials. Unlike more simplistic tools and techniques that overlook important nuances in behavior and human motivation, the CORE Approach reflects how we are naturally organized as complex living systems. Yet, it gives us an easily understood language to describe core patterns and dynamics.

* CORE has emerged as the leading edge integrated approach to personality typology resulting from work done under the names of the TRI Methodology (Temperament Research Institute) and The Interstrength® Method (Interstrength Associates). Learn How!


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